akimpeksAkimpeks is a pioneer company in the production and sales of fruits and vegetables, produced with organic agriculture, dried under natural conditions with traditional drying techniques.

The success of our products lies in the conditions of growing each organic and additive-free. In addition, quality is very important to us in all our processes from production to sales. To ensure our high quality standards, we ensure that all stages from initial growth to packaging and delivery are under our control.
We are always working to provide first class services and products to our customers in a closed area of 8.000 m2 located in Aydın, in the soft climate of the Aegean. As Akimpeks, the basis of our success is our passion and belief in our business despite all the past years. We continue to make world-class professional business processes without losing our amateur spirit and we will continue.

As the Akimpeks family, we see our past experience as an opportunity to do our job better. We successfully offer a wide range of dried fruits and vegetables to the most difficult tastes in Turkish and world cuisines, with the relationships we establish with each of our customers and the strength we receive from the peaceful environments we create with our employees.

Our strong foundation and motivates my values by inspiring us. We are proud to share our family business with you.